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The Story of AssistantDirectors.com

AssistantDirectors.com is the brainchild of Lennie Appelquist, a DGA 1st AD, living and working in Los Angeles. Born during the internet boom of the late 1990's, with the idea of raising venture capital and going public (really, we all have dreams), AssistantDirectors.com has settled into its niche as a thorough, production savvy resource site with a few extras thrown in. The original idea was for a site that would be a resource for AD department, with forms like call sheets, production reports, Exhibit G's etc. Hence the name "AssistantDirectors.com". But in doing research for the site, Lennie discovered that there didn't seem to be any "Production" sites built by anyone who had a clue about production. There are other good resources out there. In fact, we have links to all of them. But we still will continue to provide our ever expanding audience with good information about the BIZ..

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