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Advertising Rates

Advertising with AssistantDirectors.com gives you an audience of film industry pros.  The result is the target audience that you want to reach!

AssistantDirectors.com receives over 100,000 visitors per month, mostly from industry professionals.  By placing your advertisements on AssistantDirectors.com, you are gaining exposure to an extremely targeted audience. Your ad will be the first image viewed on specific pages by users of AssistantDirectors.com. If you are in the production industry, take advantage of this captive audience!


As the main image on an AssistantDirectors.com page, your advertisement will give you superior exposure to industry professionals.

Banners can be placed on predefined positions on any web page, down to a particular state, topic, or section. AssistantDirectors.com will rotate a maximum of 5 banners per page

Banner Specs: 468 X 60 in dimension     25K maximum file size     Animation accepted


Buttons and Towers are another option for advertisers to illuminate their online presence and stand out from the crowd. Buttons are excellent for name branding and drawing viewers through specific web sites. AssistantDirectors.com will place a maximum of 5 buttons per page, that are always viewable.

Button Specs

120 X 60 120 X 120 120 X 180 120 X 240


Ad type

Home Page

Top Level Category

2nd Level Category

3rd Level Category


$100 per rotation/mo

  (up to 5 rotations)

$10 per rotation/mo

(up to 5 rotations)

$5 per rotation/mo 

(up to 5 rotations)

$2 per rotation/mo

(up to 5 rotations)

Buttons (60x120)

$200 per mo

$20 per mo

$10 per mo

$4 per mo

Buttons (120x120)


$30 per mo

$15 per mo

$6 per mo

Buttons (120x180)


$40 per mo

$20 per mo

$8 per mo

Buttons (120x240)


$50 per mo

$25 per mo

$10 per mo


**Prepay for 1 year and receive a 10% discount

Featured Links

Another means of highlighting your listing on a particular page. We will pull your link out of alphabetical order and place it on top of the category 1st page with the "Featured Link" icon. AssistantDirectors.com will place a maximum of 5 "Featured Links" per category.

Cardellini Clamp - Genuine Cardellini Products are made for film crew professionals by a film crew professional. Our Cardellini Clamp, the industry standard, Mini Cardellini Clamps, clamp accessories, and candlestick style Condor Mount have been making the Grips' job easier for years.

$40 for a year.

Webmaster's choice is limited to 5 choice listings per page, once sold out, they are  no longer available on a given page.

Sponsorship Opportunities

AssistantDirectors.com offers sponsors a opportunity target your audience. Founded by film industry production professionals, AssistantDirectors.com brings together an audience of production professionals, providing an ideal venue to showcase your expertise, products, and services.

Sponsorships allow your advertisement to be seen throughout an entire section. Available sponsorship positions include:

Production Central - Individual States and Countries

Links Directory - Education, Equipment, Events, Financial and Legal Services, Industry Information, Marketing and Advertising, Movies, News and Media, Organizations, People, Production Companies, Production Services, Publications and Resources, Reference,   Regional, Talent Resources, Television, The Arts and Writers Resources

Movies - Coming Soon, Now Playing, On DVD, Top 10



**Call for Rate Calculation of Sponsorship Listings.  Due to the variety in category sizes, rates vary considerably.  Custom packages are available including category and location sponsorship.

Business to Business Directory Listing

$25 per year for all business listings such as:

Better Commercials Productions
Santa Monica, CA


Hollywood Wigs
9999 Hollywood Blvd., CA

**All individual's listings in the directory are FREE.  For Example we do not charge to list:

Joe Stunt Guy
Comfort, TX

Contact:  Lennie Appelquist


(310) 455-1785

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